Welcome to The Main Bar Sandwich Shop

The Main Bar was established as a sandwich shop in 1958 by retiring circus performers Antonio (Charlie) Borza and his wife Thea. Inspired by her home town of Florence, Italy, Thea created what has now become “Our Famous Italian.”

Charlie and Thea had both been born into circus families and performed with the circus both in europe and the Middle East, Charlie as a trampoline artist and Thea as a bareback horse rider. In the early 1940’s the Borzas were brought to this country by the Ringling Brothers Circus.

When they sold the Main bar in 1972, the Borzas left us with the collection of pictures you see hanging on our walls today. These photos pay tribute to many of the fine circus performers with whom they worked or came to know in their careers. Many of these photographs were left by their son Peppi who became an established theatrical performer in New York and London.